Proud to be collaborating on mutually
beneficial projects with First Nations
and Indigenous communities.

Valuing indigenous relations and views

OCL Group strives to foster lifelong, mutually prosperous relationships with Indigenous communities.
We honour the legal and constitutional rights of First Nations people and the land and natural resources in Indigenous communities.

OCL Group seeks to respect and adapt to the history, beliefs, and traditions of Canada’s First Nations.

OCL Group is pleased to partner with Indigenous-owned organizations across Canada, including the Fort McMurray First Nation Group of Companies.

Benefiting First Nations people

In partnership with Fort McMurray First Nation, OCL Group has assisted in bringing socio-economic growth to the Indigenous People living here. Benefits of this partnership include improved education, housing, healthcare, and employment.


Political Capital
Helping Fort McMurray First Nations utilize political capital to support socio-economic growth for its people.
OCL Group supports education and training initiatives to benefit community members.
OCL Group provides work placement and mentorship programs for Fort McMurray First Nation members.
Our partnership with the Fort McMurray First Nations enables both parties to benefit from the success of OCL Group’s activities within the region.
The partnership promotes the use of Fort MacMurray First Nations’ core services and member-owned companies.

our commitment to indigenous communities

OCL Group recognizes Indigenous peoples’ diversity, history, culture, and rights across Canada.

Our executive team is directly involved in all engagement efforts with Indigenous communities.

OCL Group employs dedicated personnel to oversee Indigenous engagement with all First Nations communities we work alongside.

Please reach out to OCL Group with any questions about our Indigenous relations policies and initiatives.

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