At OCL Group Inc., safety is our core value. As a management team we believe safety starts at the top – we take pride in promoting a healthy and safe work environment for our valued employees, our clients and the communities we live and work in.

At OCL, senior leaders are responsible for implementing and maintaining organizational systems, processes, polices and programs fostering a safety culture. Part of this culture involves the desire to continuously improve.

We recognize the success of any safety program requires the ongoing commitment of all employees, through their attitude and actions while performing work duties. At OCL, employees are provided with proper safety training and the opportunity to provide open and honest feedback on health and safety issues in the workplace. Recognition programs reward employees who exemplify the safety values OCL is built on.

At OCL, we believe the safety of our people, clients and communities we live and work in, come first. We have, since the inception of the company, endeavored to build a world class safety culture. Our performance, year over year, has demonstrated OCL's commitment.

Statistically, OCL continues a multi-year trend of lowering our TRIF. This continues to reinforce that as our company grows and the projects we execute become more complex, our safety culture and our safety program are showing their strength and supporting us and our clients through this growth.

When it comes to safety, the job is never done and we will continue to be vigilant in the pursuit of our goal to do zero harm

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