Drive meets eXcellence

Paving the way for a better tomorrow

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The way:

Building better,


OCL Group was founded on the principle of doing better. From project execution to team culture, our leaders knew there was a better way to build while nurturing long-term relationships.

Collaboration, innovation, and safety are at the core of every project OCL Group takes on.

As an industry leader, OCL Group is committed to developing lifelong partnerships with our clients, our communities, our partners and the people we work with.


To unlock value, always. We provide industry leading, people-first service that brings our clients' visions to life.


Our legacy is to create the best value for our clients, stakeholders and communities as their full-service industry partner, and in doing so, build a better future for us all. To achieve this vision, we wholeheartedly commit and invest in best in class execution, built upon safety and an integrated, multi-faceted approach.

The employee owned advantage

Excellence over profits. We take quality personally. This is what drives us to be our best.
Our team has the authority to make decisions without going up a chain of command, ensuring faster delivery turnaround times.
We have created and maintained a culture of responsibility for their actions and the decisions they make.
Employees directly profit from the success of the company, which drives them to accomplish the sometimes difficult or seemingly impossible.
The drive to succeed encourages employees to understand our industry and our company inside-out, providing a better experience for clients.
Employee-owners care more. They’re more engaged with clients, coworkers, and communities.


Not just because safety is a must – we truly care about the well-being of our people, clients, and vendors.
People first, always. We develop lifelong connections with our clients, vendors, employees, and Indigenous communities.
Consistently impressing by exceeding expectations. We operate with integrity, openness, and honesty at all times.
Through innovation and creativity, we maintain industry-leading practices that put us ahead of our competitors.
We promote a team culture that’s free of bureaucracy where employees get the job done and have fun doing it.


With industry-leading practices in place, we look out for the physical and mental health and safety of those we work with. We’re committed to sustainable practices that preserve our natural environment for current and future generations.

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