Doing it right, for future generations.

committed to

a better future

OCL Group is dedicated to taking a proactive approach to environmental protection and long-term sustainability.

We conduct operations in a manner that looks out for the environment and minimizes the impact of our operations.

OCL Group understands the risks its activities pose to the environment and ensures that environmental considerations are made on every project.

We do it right to keep our clients profitable and our environment clean for Future generations.

OCL Group’s environmental commitments

OCL Group is dedicated to doing its part to protect Canada’s natural environment and upholds the following commitments:
  • Compliance with environmental laws and industry standards.
  • Considering the environment in the planning process on every project.
  • Operating all facilities, vehicles, and equipment with consideration for their impact on the environment.
  • Responding to and resolving environmental emergencies quickly and efficiently.
  • Maintaining good environmental business practices that mitigate adverse effects of our operations.
  • Acknowledging and remaining sensitive to concerns of the public and our communities.
  • Committing resources to training our employees to protect the environment.


With industry-leading practices in place, we look out for the physical and mental health and safety of those we work with and nearby communities. We’re committed to sustainable practices that preserve our natural environment for current and future generations.

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