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Partner with OCL group and stake your place at the forefront of the transitional market. Build a better future with sustainable energy solutions such as hydrogen and carbon sequestration.

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On behalf of the Our Project Team, I would like to thank you and commend the OCL EngineeringTeam for a job well done on the Natural Gas Pipeline EPC Project. Throughout the project, your team worked collaboratively with the Suncor team to drive project decisions, engage stakeholders and lead interfaces with other contractors and external parties.In particular, OCL’s ability to identify project risks, communicate them openly to the project team and provide proactive mitigation measures helped ensure the success of this project phase. I would highly recommend OCL for execution in Engineering and EPC projects due to their innate ability to identify the clients key project objectives and assist with meeting or exceeding them. OCL is considered a valuable partner and I look forward to working with your team again.

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