Client: ATCO Pipelines

Timeline: September 2016 - 2022 (Ongoing)

Project Value: $150 K / month

Location: Southern Alberta

PROJECT – Integrity and Reclamation

Access and Civil Earthworks

▪ Provide and install various matting for access to stations and crossing protection.

▪ Complete backfill and final grade corrections post pipeline repair and construction.

▪ Installation of security fences and gates.

▪ Source and deliver various aggregates for pipeline repairs.

▪ Source and install final seeding.

Pipeline Repair

▪ Blast, coat and holiday test all underground and above ground pipelines.

▪ Provide wrapping and install pipeline protection for underground bolt ups and valves.

▪ Paint new above ground facilities and refurbish existing.

▪ Provide logistical support for major component and equipment moves throughout southern Alberta.

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