CNRL DDA2 Dredge Assembly

Client: CNRL

Timeline: January 2020 - November 2020

Project Value: $10-15 Million

Location: CNRL Horizon

This project consists of the receiving, handling and re-assembly of two Dredges which were fabricated and shipped from Louisiana. A brief outline of the scope is as follows.

  • Connecting/bolting and inspection of the sponsons (floats).
  • Placing and bolting the buildings onto the sponsons.
  • Installing the structural steel, grating, handrails and structural components.
  • Installation of the piping and associated supports.
  • Installation of mechanical equipment such as pumps, cranes and winches.
  • Launching of the dredges into the tailings pond. 
  • Relocating and mooring of the dredges into their final location.

Dredge Shipments Received:

  • Dredge 1: 27 loads Total.

- 1.8 million pounds of components, piping and steel were handled, lifted & installed.

  • Dredge 2: 28 Loads Total.

- 1.8 million pounds of components, piping and steel were handled lifted & installed.

  • Tandem Crane Lifts Completed for Sponson & Dredge Ladder Section:

- Dredge 1: Seven Tandem Lifts.

- Dredge 2: Seven Tandem Lifts.

Mechanical/Piping Bolt Up’s Completed:

  • Dredge 1: 217 bolt ups completed.
  • Dredge 2: 224 bolt ups completed.

Structural Bolt’s Completed: 

  • Dredge 1: 169 bolt ups completed.
  • Dredge 2: 178 bolt ups completed.

Two 2500 HP Pumps were placed, installed and aligned on each dredge. Four large pumps in total.

Both Dredge’s were launched successfully into the pound, with the use of air bags and dozers. With out incident or injury.


  • COVID-19 interrupted shipments form manufacture in southern USA putting the schedule at risk.
  • Pond elevations grew faster than anticipated creating additional risk to the schedule.
  • OCL responded by optimizing the schedule with resources, adding night shift and running a several activities in parallel.
  • With the support of our client and the manufacturer, we were able to bring the project in on time and on budget.
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