Client: Suncor

Timeline: May 2019 - October 2022 (In Progress)

Project Value: $25 Million

Location: Suncor Base Plant

PROJECT – Coke Boiler Replacement Natural Gas Pipeline.

This project consists of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of a 6km 16” buried natural gas pipeline running from a TC Energy supply line to Suncor’s new Cogeneration Plant.

OCL, along with CCI Solutions, kicked off the engineering phase of the work in May 2019. Designs and evaluations have included FEED Validation, Pipeline Route Optimization, Alternate Communication Method Evaluation, Pipeline Stress Analysis, Pipeline Protection Studies, 3D Models and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) design.

The Engineering phase of this project has highlighted OCL’s ability to consider the full lifecycle of the project, from design to construction. The information is presented to our client in a clear format, providing cost and risk analysis for each option and allowing our client to make informed decisions that are based on considerations for the full project lifecycle.

The Construction phase of the project is scheduled to begin June 2020 with project completion by June 2021. The OCL engineering project team is supported through our regional offices in Calgary, Edmonton and Fort McMurray, Alberta,

▪ Engineering: 9,750 MH’s.

▪ Procurement: $4.6M.

▪ Construction: 73,467 MH’s.

▪ 1,500m Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD).

▪ Brown Field & Green Field Construction.

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