Client: Enbridge Pipelines

Timeline: April 2013 - August 2013

Project Value: $13 Million

Location: Athabasca Tank Terminal

PROJECT – Suncor Bitumen Blending Manifold & UG Pipeline.

Manifold 2013:

▪ Receive, identify and manage supplied materials.

▪ Install piping and supports 12”-36” (weld, bolt, supports).

▪ Install 2 x 450 HP pumps (alignment, pipe stress).

▪ Complete tie-ins to below ground pipelines.

▪ Blast, coat and holiday test all underground and above ground pipelines.

▪ Install rock guard and fillcrete and critical areas.

▪ Hydrotest Manifold (remove valves, temp spools, pressure, drain, reinstate valves, pump base).

▪ Assist with commissioning (work along side Enbridge Operations).

▪ Install 4” UG drain piping and FRP run off tank.

Interconnecting Pipelines

▪ Install 12”-16” underground pipelines.

▪ Handle, string, weld, blast, coat, lower-in.

▪ Install risers and supports.

▪ Tie into the pig catchers.

▪ Hydrotest and pig 12” and 16” lines.

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